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March 31, 2023

How to efficiently stack and configure your Smeg Glassware Washer

Laboratory glassware washers need to be stacked and configured correctly to ensure optimal cleaning & disinfection.

Laboratory glassware washers need to be stacked and configured correctly to ensure they operate effectively and provide users with the best result. The racks and accessories you select for your laboratory glassware washers need to be customised according to the laboratory requirements, including glassware size, type and quantity of items that need to be cleaned as well as the materials and applications being used within the laboratory.

Our experienced staff will guide you through our Laboratory Glassware Washer range to determine the best model, program and accessories for your needs.

There are a number of different ways to configure and stack your Smeg Laboratory Glassware washer to ensure optimum cleaning, rinsing and drying.

Some examples include:

Two Spraying Levels

A two spraying level configuration has two washing levels and is suitable with standard lower basket CS2 and upper basket with sprayer CS1-1.  The rotary sprayers support various positioned glass items such as test tubes, flasks, plates and beakers.  There is also the option of raising the upper basket CS1-1 on the 2nd level to make better use of the space if your requirement is to wash larger glassware.

One Injection Level

The single injection level configuration has one washing level that can be adapted to suit glassware of all different dimensions within the chamber limitations.  It is particularly useful for long or narrow neck items as the injection system works together with the washers spray arms to ensure thorough cleaning inside and out.  With a height adjustable support on each spigot, the single level injection racks are not only for large items but can be used just as effectively for the smaller items.

Two Injection Levels

A two-injection level configuration has two levels that maximises washing using its injection washing ability.  Its 68 item capacity is suitable for washing glassware of small and medium dimensions.

Two Level Trolley with mixed cleaning system

A two-level mixed application rack with up to 34 injection jets on the lower level and a basket with spraying system on the upper.

Flexible One Level Trolley with spraying and injection

The one spraying/injection level configuration has one half with a multi-spigots injection system and the other half to hold supports.  This is a good configuration option if you need to wash narrow-necked glassware up to 500mm height while washing test tubes at the same time.

Pipette Washer Trolley

Suitable for up to 40 volumetric pipettes (20 with max height of 550mm + 20 with max height of 490mm), the Smeg pipette washer trolley is perfect for keeping your pipettes sparkling clean and santised.

Ecolab Healthcare ANZ offer a wide selection of laboratory glassware washers and accessories to meet specific needs.  Please speak to an experienced laboratory washer specialist on 1300 425 529 AU | 0800 425 529 NZ or visit our website accessories page to view the range.  Custom options may be available.  Please consult your local lab wash specialist.