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Terragene Washing Control – Washer Disinfectors

Checking and monitoring the cleaning and washing efficiency of medical instruments

Terragene Washing Control – Washer Disinfectors


  • Control of cleaning and washing processes of medical instruments and materials is highly important since its outcome affects the success of subsequent disinfection and/or sterilisation processes.
  • Terragene Chemdye Splat is a synthetic support (70 mm x 30mm), which is stable at disinfection temperatures.
  • Terragene Chemdye Splat indicator holds a mixture of specially combined coloured organic components. The formulation allows detection of all factors that affect the cleaning process outcome.
  • Terragene Chemdye Splat is designed to be used for routine monitoring of cleaning processes in automatic medical washer disinfectors with different washing and thermodisinfection configurations.
  • Terragene Chemdye Splat system is available in two different levels of cleaning offering different wash off characteristics, allowing different challenge levels.
  • Terragene Chemdye Splat indicators are validated according to testing samples described in ISO/TS 15883-5.
  • Terragene Chemdye Splat are ideal for use in monitoring automatic washing disinfectors as well as monitoring ultrasonic cleaners.
  • Terragene Chemdye Splat holder can be fixed on the tray, allowing reproducible location of the cleaning indicator in the washer disinfector.
  • When Splat is placed within the holder, half of the test soil is covered by a mesh (or basket), simulating the joint of a surgical instrument, with water stream hitting it indirectly. The other half of the test soil is covered, posing a challenge for water to reach it, emulating shadowed or occluded surfaces.
  • Terragene Chemdye Splat system provides constant cleaning characteristics.
  • Terragene Chemdye Splat indicators are non-toxic, offers a high level of trust and reliability to reveal deficiencies in the cleaning process and has a long shelf-life based on organic formulation.
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Product Code Product Description Pack Size Quote
CDWA3 Terragene Chemdye Splat, High Challenge, Blue, Temp > 40°C 200 Pk
CDWA4 Terragene Chemdye Splat, Very High Challenge, Pink, Temp > 50°C 200 Pk
CDWAH-U Terragene Chemdye Holder for Splat Indicator, Washer Disinfector ea
CDWAH Terragene Chemdye Holder for Splat Indicator, Ultrasonic Cleaner ea


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